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Promoting the Times Fiji : Nadi's 10 for $10

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Having vacation throwback moments on the eve of Fiji Tourism’s re-entry? So are we!

We’re excited and are looking forward to regaining added normalcy to our Vacation All-Year lifestyles.

With less than a week from when Tourism support services such as restaurants, spas, and the like; are opening and increasing capacities, we’re well on our way to welcoming our first and luckiest of international guests.

Our current Re-Entry timelines stand at increased access of vaccinated citizens to entertainment and leisure services, followed by the opening of international travel into Fiji with zero quarantine – should all go as planned.

In the meantime, we’ll celebrate Fiji Now, and bring to you some of our hidden gems. Here’s our 10 for $10 (FJD) of Nadi - the Tourism Capital of Fiji.

1. Chef Lance Seeto’s Kanu

Our personal favourite - Kanu, is the gift that keeps on giving!

In addition to their $10 Breakfast, is their Egg & Bacon Rolls, Hangover Burgers, Eggs on Rice, Savoury Rice Congee and more. We picked up a $10 Cow Cheeseburger with Fries, and a Spicy Peri Peri Linguini, at FJD10 each.

It simply does not get better than this guys, or does it?

$10 Cow Cheese Burger – Double Tea Bun or Fiji Sweet Buns with Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, BBQ sauce and Fries   $10 Spicy Peri Peri Linguini – Cajun Boneless Chicken, Leafy greens, Bechamel & Cheese
Kanu's Cow Cheese Burger and Peri Peri Linguini
Vinaka Chef Lance Seeto!

2. Pure Fiji’s Award Winning Products

Pandemic or not, Pure Fiji has always been Fiji First; and we’ve over the years seen their products represent our beautiful isles well in Quality and price.

Elegantly bringing scents of Fiji to the World, we were delighted to note an even more generous offer just for you and I. From FJD19.00, Pure Fiji Spa Denarau now offer their Jumbo bottles/265ml bottles of Shampoo and Conditioners at just $10.

With Scents that sound like Flavors you can taste, this is a sure treat.

Pure Fiji Spa Denarau $10 Shampoo & Conditioner

4. Scoff & Go! Denarau

Located at the Denarau turn from Nadi town, Scoff & Go has been a household name for Nadi residents, and Nadi visitors. Like most, if not all Nadi businesses, Scoff & Go have over the months met the Pandemic-centric changes in business and did not disappoint.

Literally stopping us on our tracks, we saw $2.50 on their roadside board and were sold. We set out with a list and found a Quality Meat Artisan and Cook like S&G, to make that much anticipated Nadi trip even more fulfilling. How lucky!

Featuring an $8.50 Hot Dog Combo WITH a drink, we had to make a tough choice and settled. With a list like this, you can see why.

Looking for a food Coma for $10 or less? This is where you can get one..

Our options were:

  • Beef/Chicken/Pork Hot Dogs at $3 each or $5 for 2

  • Beef/PeriPeri Chicken/Smoked Chicken Kebab Wraps at $8.50 or

  • Double Smoked/Crumbed Burgers for $6 each or 2 for $10

4. Harrisons Fiji and Jacks of Fiji Summer Wear

After months of lockdowns, quarantine and playing House, our personal list included a quick run to the Surf Isle for an update on our Summer wear for our Summer-ish bods.

For travelers on a budget, imagine our surprise when we ran into specials on Tank tops and Flip Flops. For $10 and less we got ourselves comfortable Cotton Tanks, Flip Flops and a Pandanus (I think) styled slip-on perfect for the Beach and a Step into that Bungalow Life – its thatched and cute!

Harrison's Fiji Cotton Tanks & Jack's of Fiji Slides

5. Cardo’s Denarau on-the-go Sandwiches

While on our Summer bod shopping, we dropped into our usual at Denarau - Cardo’s, to check out the scene and what we can get for our faithful Nadi $10.00. Yes, you guessed it, written invitingly on their Specials board were their $10 runner sandwiches.

Cardo's Pork & Bacon/ Egg Wraps

Perfect for that beach beer hangover, we got ourselves a Pork and a Bacon & Egg wrap for only $6. Summer bods workout to follow.

6. Bitu Wellness Bar Detox

A stone’s throw from our Accommodation - Sailor’s Beach Fiji, we took a short walk to Bitu Wellness Bar. Bitu Wellness as the name suggests, is a wellness bar offering detox packages at affordable prices.

The detox packages includes a room at the Beach Escape Resort Fiji - a value-for-money, full service accommodation for as low as $65.00 including breakfast.

They were not exactly on our list, but definitely note-worthy! We found the Beach Escape Resort Fiji to be conveniently located – at the bustling Wailoaloa stretch, your very own deck for that evening drink, at a quiet corner near the beach. Privacy all day - yes please!

Visit their Facebook Page - Beach Escape Resort, for bookings and to learn more about the Property.

Bitu Wellness Bar $5 Detox juices and Beach Escape Accomodation

In addition to their Detox Packages, Bitu Wellness Bar sell detox or booster drinks and food for $5 - perfect after a weekend of fun and sun. If you’re from Fiji, you’d know that a weekend is not complete without a good old herbal cleanse.

We picked up a Recovery and Hydration drink, with fresh ingredients such as carrots, watermelon, ginger, pineapple, cucumbers, celery, mint and lemons. Such an impressive list of fresh produce, that cost a lot more than the $5 drink. Bitu Wellness is certainly wellness-centric!

7. Cantina Grill & Bar Mojito

What’s a Cool Summer holiday without a Cool drink? Just a Summer Holiday. Perfect, but not Bula Perfect!

On our walk-about at Denarau, we discovered Cantina - the recent hot addition to the Denarau line-up of Beats & Eats. Adorned with their Mexican styled Grill & Bar, their décor is a treat in itself. We cannot wait to come back to Cantina after in-dining in Fiji have opened.

We needed to try their Tropical Mojito with a choice of Guava, Watermelon, Passion Fruit and Berries. The Bartender was so nice, we couldn’t find our way out after watching him assemble this elixir of the sunny isles for just $10.


8. The Bilo Bar Denarau Spice & Cream

We went looking for something on the creamier side of the taste bud, and as usual, our walk-about delivered.

Tucked at the corner of the Denarau Mariner entrance is a veteran eatery called Bilo Bar. For those who have been to Denarau Mariner quite a bit, you’d agree the Bilo Bar has been around.

With Milkshakes for as low as $5.50, our dairy fix was cured! And with a few extra bucks we of course had to try their Chicken Crispy wrap for $7.95. Between 2 people, 2 shakes and a wrap cost us no more than $10 each. A simple must have!

Bilo Bar's Crispy Chicken Wrap with Chillie Fries & Milkshakes

9. Sailor’s Beach Fiji

Picture this - a quick stroll downstairs from your room to the bar for your morning coffee, you’re met with the sound crashing waves, an Instagram Beach view and the smell of fresh brewed coffee (by Bullacino) in the air. It’s a full-sensory experience you've got to have. Sailor’s offers just that, and for those who know, absolutely more!

We could go on with just how much we love this place, but for now, we'll show you a quick vid about the newest addition to our “Usuals” of Nadi – the Blue Hawaiian for just $9, its Picture & Pitcher perfect.

10. The Coffee Hub

In all fairness, deserts are typically less than $10 a piece, but what’s not fair is the size of the Tiramisu you’ll get at the Coffee hub for just $7.

It’s a value-for-money serving, that will make you feel you should be paying more for it. Luckily, they are not short on delightful deserts, for that icing on the cake finish to your holiday eats and treats.

A big slice of Tiramisu for $7 & an Opera for $6

Forgive the Takeaway quality of photos friends, as we make the best out of our current Covid in-dining restrictions.

Let’s get those Vaccination numbers going, so we can see you all where the Sun and Sand meets the Sea; for the full experience of our very own home.

Safe Travels!


Mauve Marketing Fiji


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