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Promoting The Times Fiji : How to Keep Still

Updated: May 8, 2021

For the social bugs, here are a few tips on 'How To Stay Home' or as we would say locally 'How to Keep Still', while we continue this fight against Covid-19. We can all do it, but can we stand it? Here’s how you can make it a little more bearable for you and your family.

Tip 1: Go Home

If you’re not at home and roaming, please go back home and stay home. While you're making your way do remember to practice Social Distancing and keep your mask on. Assume anyone you get in touch with could be infected with Covid-19 and protect yourself. For the introverts, we're happy to report that you can reduce uninvited human interaction by at least 50%; if you keep your mask on, and engage in the appropriate gestures such as waving, and pointing towards your destination from afar.

Remember to always wash your hands thoroughly or sanitize before settling into your home.

Tip 1 (for real): Make a List

Make a list of productive things you can do around the house. Mauve’s list for example; includes tending to the vegetable garden which will keep us busy for weeks, could become a 'thing', and of course keep that summer bod a summer bod.

Join Fiji Backyard Gardeners on Facebook for some great tips, or if you have a green thumb and are willing to offer some pointers. We’re rooting for you!

Tip 2: Enjoy Responsibly

If you must grog or have a few cold ones, please do so at home and with members of the same household. Use your own bilo, and remind the Taki Master to avoid washing all your bilos in the same water and container because Covid.

Better still Grog taudua, Lami Kava knows how.

Tip 3: Kids At Home?

We all know kids (and some adults too) can enjoy a good DIY project, and this can be a good time to start one. Got some time, a wandering mind and an inner Picasso? Let’s Get Crafty!

A good project is to have toys, art & craft pieces or school supplies organized with home crafted organizers. You could use boxes that would otherwise be discarded, some used wrapping paper and a streak for fun! When you're done, we recommend using your words with an inside voice when supervising the kids as they clean. UFO's or Unidentified Flying Objects must also be avoided.

Tip 4: Perfecting your Skill

It could be baking, artistry or corporate jobs; getting an opportunity to hone your skills at your own time and on payroll is rare. Lessgo!

Check out Loloma Project Fiji on Facebook (formerly known as The Bored Housewife Project) for some inspiration. They’ve benchmarked a vibrant representation of Fiji in their products, and its a uniqueness we've come to appreciate.

Thank you Dear Reader, we encourage you to also share your experiences and thoughts if not to help someone cope, to lighten a mood while we all Stay Home and Save Lives.

Vinaka! from Mauve Marketing Fiji


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